Video: Old men in Sunshine Coast road rage fist fight

Video has emerged of two elderly men fighting in the middle of the road in Queensland, Australia.

Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia, a popular source for footage of driver misconduct, posted the video on Sunday (local time).

The footage, recorded from the dashboard camera of a following vehicle, shows a four-wheel drive tailgating a sedan, eventually illegally overtaking it.

The sedan swerves to avoid being hit, then follows the four-wheel drive without indicating. The two vehicles are then the two cars parked on the road, blocking traffic.

The drivers get out of their vehicles and the driver of the four-wheel drive approaches the man in the sedan. The sedan driver knocks the man to the ground, but helps him up a few moments later.

The driver of the four-wheel drive then punches the sedan driver in the head.

The owner of the dashcam footage was quoted in the Facebook post: "Apparently it started earlier, but I caught up with them on the railway bridge in Glass House Mnts Qld.

"They are old enough to know better."