Who's to blame? Bus, car and lorry crash in UK has internet divided

Who's to blame? Bus, car and lorry crash in UK has internet divided
Photo credit: Deadline News

A car that was hit by a bus after misinterpreting a signal from another driver to go has sparked debate over who was in the wrong.

Nick Elliot captured the footage from his lorry, as he slowed down to make a right-hand turn, Metro News UK reports.

A black Mazda, coming from the opposite side of the road, mistook his signal to stop as an indication it was safe for him to cross traffic into the straightbound lane.

The Mazda driver can be seen giving the thumbs up - seemingly mistaking Mr Elliot's hand signals to mean it was safe to go.

Mr Elliot tells Metro UK he was actually telling the driver to stop, The black car then crashes into a bus, driving in the straight lane.

The video has been viewed more than 19,000 times since being uploaded, with commenters torn on whether it was the Mazda driver or Mr Elliot's fault.

Others even blamed the bus for driving too fast in its lane.

"Even if you had waved him across, still more fool him for not turning with more care," one person commented.

"Car to blame," another added. "You don't just pull across without checking."

Others said Mr Elliot shouldn't have stopped where he did.

"You should have pulled forward and blocked him, which would have been far safer.

"It's obvious if you stop there he would take a chance on crossing."