Woman with 'eat me' tattoo talks about regret on TV

Woman with 'eat me' tattoo talks about regret on TV
Photo credit: Channel 4

A woman with an incredibly embarrassing tattoo has had her sex life - and dignity - rescued by a reality TV show.

The woman, known only as Holly, went on UK Channel 4's show Tattoo Fixers to reveal the "trashy" tattoo - the words "EAT ME" written on her groin.

"It's absolutely awful, I hate it so much, it's destroying every part of my sex life. People are like, I don't need instructions," she told hosts and tattoo artists Alice Perrin and Stephen Porter.

"Seriously, it is ruining my life."

"You don't seem like the sort of person who would have a trashy tattoo," Perrin tells Holly.

After she shows them, Perrin's mind isn't changed.

"That does not suit you at all."

Holly said she got the tattoo when she was 17, after buying tattoo guns with a friend.

Perrin and Porter went to work, covering the teenage mistake with a lotus flower-inspired pattern.

"It was worth the pain having this, it's amazing," Holly said afterwards. "I can wear a bikini without having to worry about that trashy 'eat me' tattoo."

Previous tattoos fixed on the show include a man who got a giant wedding ring etched on his chest, only for his girlfriend to reject his proposal, and the words 'Ass club 7' tattooed on a man's buttocks.