YouTuber cements his head inside a microwave

YouTuber cements his head inside a microwave
Photo credit: YouTube/TGFbro

Firefighters in the UK are shaking their heads after an internet prankster cemented his own inside a microwave oven.

The West Midlands Fire Service was called to the 22-year-old's home on Wednesday (UK time) to find the man's friends struggling to get him out of the predicament.

"He and a group of friends had mixed seven bags of Polyfilla which they then poured around his head, which was protected by a plastic bag inside the microwave," said Commander Shaun Daki.

"The oven was being used as a mould, and wasn't plugged in. The mixture quickly set hard and, by the time we were called, they'd already been trying to free him for an hour and a half."

The man, who makes videos for YouTube under the name TGFbro, was breathing through an air tube his friends had managed to squeeze in.

"Taking the microwave apart was tricky, because a lot of it was welded," said Mr Daki.

"We video-called our technical rescue colleagues for advice and eventually managed to get him unstuck."

While the group were "very apologetic", Mr Daki says their idiocy might have prevented them from attending an "accidental" emergency.

"We're seriously unimpressed."