All the times ASOS got it really wrong

Offensive or ridiculous?
Offensive or ridiculous? Photo credit: Image - ASOS

It’s one of the most successful retailers in the world - the queen of online fast fashion.

But now ASOS has done it again, with another major fashion faux pas.

This week, the internet has caught wind of an item billed as the ‘Hanger latex flame choker’, which appears to a belt strapped around a model’s neck, her eyes closed and head rolling back.

Pretty tacky (and also, at time of writing, removed from the site).

Angry commentators have called the item “vile and offensive”, and one Mumsnet commentator said the model’s poses amounted to “suicide imagery”. Some have commented on the tackiness of calling an item the ‘Hanger choker’ (but hold your outrage, because that’s just the name of the label).

With more than 80,000 items for sale at any time, it’s a given that the fashion behemoth is going to occasionally put a foot wrong.

Here’s our favourite fashion faux pas moments from the world’s largest online fashion retailer.

There was that time they made a penis blouse

Bit of a cock up.

That hideous bow dress



That time they said we could get married on the catwalk and it wasn’t even true

Hopes dashed.

The buttless jeans

Oo er.

The couples Christmas jumper

You deserve each other.


And oh god these

Not at all creepy.

And just to be fair, shout out to that time they got it really right

Hey, cheeky! Yes.