Amazing video of rat taking shower like a human

Amazing video of rat taking shower like a human
Photo credit: Twitter

An amazing video has surfaced that appears to show a rat taking a shower just like a human.

The rat is lathered with soap and seems to mimic human behaviour, even cleaning its underarms.

The footage emerged on Reddit on Monday morning to a chorus of confused comments.

"You could have told me that was Danny Devito in a rat costume and I would have believed you," one user said.

"Lots of people assume that rats are gross, but I have had 3 pet rats and those things kept themselves so clean!" said another.

No one knows exactly where the video came from, or how real it is, but many are pointing to mysterious performance artist Zardulu as one explanation behind the footage.

Zardulu has a history of working with trained rats, and is thought to be the mastermind behind other viral rat videos including Pizza Rat and Selfie Rat.


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