Arctic blast causes problems at US airports

America's arctic blast is causing major problems at airports, with hundreds of people left stranded by cancelled flights.

Temperatures in some parts of the country have fallen as low as -30degC.

Part of JFK Airport in New York City had to be evacuated, after a burst pipe flooded the terminal. Thousands of travellers spent hours waiting in terminals, while others were stuck in their planes, because equipment couldn't cope with the extreme cold.

One man told ITV he and his fellow passengers were stuck on their plane for four hours.

The massive blizzard, which brought snow, high winds and flooding to America's East Coast last week, has left temperatures plummeting.

Dangerous ice has created 'no-go' areas in parts of Chicago, and New Yorkers are being warned to stay wrapped up or risk hypothermia.

"I have leggings, jeans and snow pants on," one woman told ITV. "I feel like the Michelin Man."

Despite the discomfort, the Arctic blast has created some breathtaking sights, such as parts of Niagara Falls freezing solid.


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