At least eight migrants drown off the coast of Libya

At least eight women have died, after a people-smuggling boat sunk off the coast of Libya.

Dramatic video released by the Italian Coastguard shows dozens of migrants being rescued, but as Channel Four reports, they're still searching for any more survivors.

Eighty-six migrants were pulled from the water, but for at least eight woman, it was too late.

A distress call was made when a dingy, which carried more than 100 people, began to deflate. Migrants clung to the boat as it sank, while desperately trying to reach the Coastguard.

One of the sailors aboard Seawatch 3, an independent rescue boat, heard the distress call over the radio and told Channel Four: "We hear people dying live on the radio, it's always a very emotional and stressful situation. 

"Everyone is hoping that no-one will die, but everyone knows from experience that the chances are very high that people will die."

This is believed to be the first case of its kind in 2018, with more than 3000 people believed to have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean last year.


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