Aussie grandma loses $20,000 cash after shopping bag mix-up

A Melbourne grandma has been reunited with her lost AU$20,000 (NZ$21,938) cash after her shopping bag was accidentally picked up by another person.

Florence Sindik, 71, was at the post office in Carnegie when she turned around to get her wallet out of her trundler to discover it had vanished.

"I was concentrating on what I was doing, paying the bills, and then when I finish, I turn around and it was gone; my trolley was gone," she told 7 News.

Ms Sindik said she was unable to eat or sleep for days due to the stress that the loss of cash provoked.

But luckily, she got the money back - all thanks to the local butcher.

He had accidentally picked up Ms Sindik's bag, and after seeing a news report on the missing cash was able to get the money and bag returned to the distraught grandma.

She had panicked that she wouldn't be able to support herself or pay for her ex-husband's treatment at a care facility, and is "overjoyed" at getting the money back.

"I feel like I'm floating on air," she told 7 News.


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