Aussie man finds dead mouse in Australia Day burger

Dead mouse in burger
The man claimed he bit into the mouse while eating his burger. Photo credit: Facebook

An Australian man has been left shocked and demanding an apology after allegedly finding a dead mouse in his burger during an Australia Day lunch.

Bruce Blackburn claims he discovered the mouse while biting into a burger at Inglewood's Civic Hotel in Perth.  

His partner shared photos of the aftermath on her Facebook page, writing that it was a "health department issue".

Aussie man finds dead mouse in Australia Day burger
Photo credit: Facebook

"Having Australia Day lunch and this is what Bruce got in his burger. Health dept issue...he bit into a full mouse...f**king yuk..." the appropriately named Peta Blackburn wrote on Facebook, and posted images showing the mouse beside the burger.

Aussie man finds dead mouse in Australia Day burger

Mr Blackburn told 9 News he was given a refund but not an apology.

"I ordered three sliders and chips - just a small burger as they are," Mr Blackburn said.

"I took a couple of bites of the first one and it was fine. And then the third one I couldn't actually bite it...I realised there was a fully-fledged hairy mouse in the meat patty.

"My reaction was to drop it straight away and feel sick, to be honest."

The Facebook post has been shared almost 900 times, with hundreds of comments voicing disgust and shock at the discovery.

"Where's the vomit emoji?" one person wrote. "I would sue" wrote another.

Others queried the legitimacy of the post. 

"No way in the world that went unnoticed when the salad was placed on the buns," one person pointed out.



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