Aussies petition for Gold Coast king-hitter's deportation to NZ

Caleb Maraku laughed as he left court, after finding out he'd been spared jail.
Caleb Maraku laughed as he left court, after finding out he'd been spared jail. Photo credit: 9 News

A New Zealand-born teen who laughed after learning he would avoid jail for the horrific assault of a Gold Coast man is the subject of an online petition trying to kick him out of Australia.

Nineteen-year-old Taliesin Tardrew-O'Meara was the victim of a king-hit - also known as a coward-punch - after he confronted Caleb Maraku for allegedly harassing his female friend in November 2017.

Maraku was caught carrying out the assault on CCTV camera, and the footage was shown in court - but the Kiwi was spared a jail sentence and given 12 months' probation after pleading guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Less than a fortnight ago, he left court laughing and taking selfies with reporters, whom he referred to as his "fans".

Now, following an emotional open letter addressed to Maraku and written by his victim's mother, Australians are campaigning to get him out of the country and sent back to his country of origin.

An online petition on seeking Maraku's deportation has garnered more than 17,500 signatures, with its creator claiming his year of probation is just an opportunity "for him to bring harm to another".

"If we can get enough signatures supporting this we are one step closer to seeing a better Australia in the near future, with one less delinquent, uncontrollable person here," it reads.

"We need the courts to review the decision that was made by the judge and appeal for a new trial to seek justice.

"[Maraku] truly doesn't care who he hurts and enjoys the fear he places in people's lives."

Maraku has recently been challenged to a proper fight by professional Australian boxer Kerry Foley, who referred to him as a "little bitch c***" in a call-out on Facebook.

Maraku initially responded positively to the challenge, but Foley says he has now been blocked by the criminal on social media channels.


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