Australian cyclist launches tirade of abuse at female driver

Bystanders were left in shock after a cyclist unleashed a tirade of abuse at a female driver on Saturday morning. 

In a video captured by a Sydney local, a male cyclist can be seen shouting through the window of a woman's car before smashing her wing mirror to the ground. 

"You don't have a right to go straight through my f**king lane and wipe me off the road you stupid f**king bitch," he screamed.

The local who documented the altercation told 7 News he went into "full protection mode" as the cyclist launched expletives at the woman.

"Excuse me, mate, I know you're upset but she's probably obviously new to driving or something," he said, attempting to alleviate the situation.

The cyclist shouted back there is "no excuse for not paying attention and almost running people off the road".

The unnamed local suggested the cyclist educate the motorist rather than scare her "so next time she knows what to do, right?"

"She needs to know before she gets on the f**king road," screamed the cyclist. "She shouldn't even be on the road in the first place."

The man then asked the cyclist what he plans to do about the woman's broken mirror.

"Nothing," he replied as he stomped off, bike in hand. 

The extreme case of road rage took place near Centennial Park, in the city's east.


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