Australian dog left trapped between buildings in 40degC weather after fireworks spook

An Australian puppy, spooked by fireworks, has been rescued from a very tight spot - a gap between two garage walls, where she got stuck.

American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Coco ran away from her Melbourne home on New Year's Eve, after illegal fireworks frightened her.

She spent six days trapped between the garages, without food or water, as temperatures in Victoria skyrocketed.

"It was like 40 degrees the day before [yesterday] and she still got through," Coco's owner Lara Fullford said.

"I don't think she would have lasted another night for sure."

Firecrews managed to pull her out, after smearing her with lubricant.

Coco has cuts and scrapes, and is now on antibiotics and recovering, but her owners are not pleased with the unknown residents who let off the fireworks that spooked her.

They're planning dropping leaflets in letterboxes, warning neighbours of the dangers of using fireworks around pets.

"Fireworks are not something I think anybody likes the idea of around animals," Ms Fullford said.

"It's quite traumatic, what she's been through."