Australian man has car stolen while saving autistic boy's life

An Australian good samaritan has had his car stolen while saving the life of an autistic boy.

After seeing 14-year-old Darcy Mills almost struck by several cars on a busy Melbourne road, Aaron McKirdy pulled over and left his car to lead the boy to safety. 

Darcy reportedly has autism, and was distressed and lost over 2km from home. 

However, while Mr McKirdy and two other men were attempting to help, enterprising thieves took advantage of the situation by stealing Mr McKirdy's brand new ute. 

Despite the galling theft of his car, the father of two said he would "absolutely do it again", though 7 News reports the man is worried about his home security as his car contained his wallet, keys and laptop. 

Victoria Police detective senior constable Brett Thomas said Mr McKirdy should be commended for helping Mr Mills. "He put his own life at risk going through oncoming traffic." 

Darcy's mother, Jennifer Mills, said she was grateful there were bystanders willing to "throw themselves in there" for the sake of her son. 

A 51-year-old man has been charged over the theft but the car is yet to be recovered.