Australian schoolgirls targeted by notorious nude photo-sharing website

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Photo credit: Getty

A website notorious for sharing photos of Australian schoolgirls without their consent has returned to the internet.

The site takes images from social media accounts and posts them to the site, and encourages anyone with naked images of those girls to share them.

In some of the photos the girls are in school uniform or walking around university, unaware their photo has been taken. Some of them are as young as 14.

One man on the site claims he has "some sneaky ones" of students getting dressed.

The website was set up in December 2015, and was taken down in 2016. It quickly re-emerged and was taken down again.

Now, it's back again, with more than 130 complaints to the ESafety Commission this week, 7 News reports. Australian authorities say it's difficult to take down the website as it is run from overseas.

If they do track down the individuals responsible, however, criminal charges will likely be laid.


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