Awkward similarities between BBC and Channel Nine breakfast show promos

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, an adage it seems Channel Nine in Australia have employed enthusiastically in its new promo for breakfast show Today.

The promo, which aired on Nine earlier this month, seems to borrow lines from BBC One's breakfast promo from 2016.

Both promos begin with the two hosts greeting each other, while a mother and son watch on from home.

The hosts then greet the family, reaching out through the airwaves to warn "Jack" that "his toast is burning".

The ad campaign was meant to promote a fresh face for Today, as journalist and TV personality Georgie Gardner debuted alongside long-time host Karl Stefanovic after previous co-host Lisa Wilkinson left the network for a position at Channel 10.

Of course it could all be a coincidence - watch the video and decide for yourself.



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