Baby boom after Cyclone Debbie in Queensland town Proserpine

Baby boom after Cyclone Debbie in Queensland town Proserpine
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A Queensland town has experienced a baby boom nine months after widespread power outages from Cyclone Debbie.

The category 5 storm hit Proserpine at the end of March 2017, causing a two-week power outage in the town, The Courier Mail reports.

Towards the end of December 2017 the town's hospital was hit by a new wave of effects from the storm, with 17 babies born there since December 21.

Danni Rowan had to give birth in the general ward as the maternity ward had run out of beds due to the influx.

"The midwives were flustering around and running around," she told 9 News. "They couldn't get me a bed because there were too many women in there, all having babies at the same time."

Baby Ari is now healthy and well, but his parents are certainly not in the dark about the circumstances behind his conception.

"The town was on complete shutdown; we couldn't leave the house, watch TV, couldn't charge our phones - nothing. So we had to entertain ourselves," Ms Rowan says.

Ms Rowan and partner Mark Fraser plan on saving the story to tell at Ari's 18th or 21st birthday when he can fully understand the circumstances of his conception.

While the conception wasn't planned, Ms Rowan says she's glad it's happened and given her a happy memory from the cyclone.

"If anything can come of it, it's nice that it's a little baby, and although he wasn't planned, it's been a blessing in disguise really," she told 9 News.