Bernie Sanders' bold cry to take wealth off the rich

US senator Bernie Sanders has urged people around the world to bring an end to wealth inequality.
US senator Bernie Sanders has urged people around the world to bring an end to wealth inequality. Photo credit: Getty

US senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has urged people around the world to unite against "the cult of money" that has caused systemic inequality.

In an opinion piece for The Guardian, Mr Sanders laid out his ambitious plan to eliminate poverty, save the environment and increase life expectancy with a "new and international progressive movement".

The 76-year-old lamented the fact that the Earth's six richest people own more wealth than the poorest 3.7 billion.

"We live in a world where a tiny handful of incredibly wealthy individuals exercise disproportionate levels of control over the economic and political life of the global community," he wrote.

Mr Sanders, who is the United States' longest-serving independent senator, called the current state of affairs a "pivotal moment in world history", and claimed that progressive policies could solve the rise of right-wing extremism across the globe.

He cited United Nations research that showed people are more likely to turn to hateful extremism when they view their own society as corrupt or unfair.

"Now, more than ever, those of us who believe in democracy and progressive government must bring low-income and working people all over the world together behind an agenda that reflects their needs. 

"Instead of hate and divisiveness, we must offer a message of hope and solidarity."

Mr Sanders claimed that advancements in technology have given humanity the ability to "substantially increase global wealth fairly".

"The means are at our disposal to eliminate poverty, increase life expectancy and create an inexpensive and non-polluting global energy system."

He called for people around the world to "overcome the 'cult of money' and 'survival of the fittest' mentalities, and instead to work towards a society that benefits everyone rather than a select few.

During his unsuccessful bid for the US Presidency in 2016, Mr Sanders campaigned passionately against wealth inequality.

His economic message struck a chord with young American voters, but he was ultimately defeated in the Democratic primaries by Hillary Clinton. 


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