Brazil prison gang riot sees nine dead, dozens escaped

Brazil prison gang riot sees nine dead, dozens escaped
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At least nine inmates have been killed and dozens are on the run after a prison riot in Brazil.

One of the inmates was reportedly decapitated, according to local news outlet O Estado de Sao Paulo.

Fourteen inmates are injured, and 77 escaped from the prison and are still at large.

The violence was reportedly sparked when inmates at Colonia Agroindustrial prison at the Aparecida de Goiania Complex invaded the cell blocks of a rival gang.

The attackers set fire to mattresses and charred the bodies of those they killed.

Prison union boss Jorimar Bastos told news outlet Folha de Sao Paulo the guards are under resourced, and there were only five guards at the prison to watch over 900 prisoners when the riot occurred.

It's the latest riot in Brazil's notoriously violent prison system, and it comes just a year after a riot that saw dozens of inmates killed.

On January 3, 2017, 60 inmates were killed during a clash between rival gangs in a prison in the Amazon jungle of Manus, Brazil.

Several of the dead were decapitated in what was the deadliest prison riot in Brazil since 1992, when 111 inmates were killed.

During the first 20 days of January 20, 130 prisoners died.


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