British beer importer discovers gecko, names it 'Skull King'

A Manchester beer importer may have a new mascot after discovering a leopard gecko in some of their packaging.

Video posted on Twitter in early January shows staff at Cave Direct North examining the lizard, after his tail had fallen off in the rush to catch him.

The staff believed the gecko could have come all the way from Hawaii in a shipment of beer.

The cold weather had slowed the gecko, so staff found it easy to scoop him up and put him in a blue box for safe keeping.

"He wasn't moving fast, but he was trying to get under another pallet," manager Will Evans told the Manchester Evening News.

"We didn't know if we'd ever see him again if he got away, so we managed to confine him in a box.

"I just wish I knew about geckos yesterday what I now know about them today.

"I'm glad we got a friendly little lizard, instead of a huge huntsman spider."

Shortly after its capture, the gecko was named "Skull King" in honour of the box he was contained in and he was shipped off the RSPCA to see a vet.

According to later tweets from the SPCA, once Skull King has recovered, they will find a new home for him, but there may already be one waiting.

Cave Direct North has asked the RSPCA over Twitter if it can keep him and it told Newshub that, almost two weeks after the initial discovery, they're working through a long process of trying to bring him back to the warehouse permanently.