Chef gets death threats after joke about 'spiking' vegan meal

Chef gets death threats after joke about 'spiking' vegan meal
Photo credit: Facebook/ Laura Goodman

A chef has been sent death threats after she joked about spiking a vegan's meal with animal products.

Laura Goodman, head chef and co-owner of Carlini in Shropshire, England, joked that she'd spiked a meal she cooked for a vegan.

"Pious, judgemental vegan (who I spent all day cooking for), has gone to bed, still believing she's a vegan," she wrote in a post to a Facebook group.

Commenters on her post told her she was mean and unprofessional.

"You cooked willingly for someone you know is vegan, make it non vegan, then brag about it behind their back? Who is the pious and judgemental one here really?" said Jess Ginge Lewis.

Her restaurant was flooded by one-star reviews as her post spread across Facebook, and she claims she received death threats and other "vitriolic" comments.

Ms Goodman told the Mirror there was no meat in the dishes and the reaction was "out of hand" to what was intended to be a joke.

The Facebook post been removed following the backlash, and the Carlini Facebook page has also been deleted.


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