Donald Trump starts his official work day at 11am, leaked documents reveal

Donald Trump's work schedule has been leaked, showing he starts his work day at 11am and only works a seven-hour day.

Copies of his private schedule were shown to media company Axios.

It is claimed he demands "executive time" in the morning, which insiders say he spends watching television and tweeting.

Axios also claims he holds far fewer meetings than he did at the start of his presidency.

But White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has defended Mr Trump, saying his "executive time" is spent being productive.

"The time in the morning is a mix of residence time and Oval Office time, but he always has calls with staff, Hill members, cabinet members and foreign leaders during this time.

"The President is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen and puts in long hours and long days nearly every day of the week all year long.

"It has been noted by reporters many times that they wish he would slow down because they sometimes have trouble keeping up with him."


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