Drunk Russian crashes tank into supermarket to steal bottle of wine

The scene of the crash.
The scene of the crash. Photo credit: Twitter.

A Russian man has taken dangerous driving to a new level by crashing a stolen tank into a supermarket, allegedly while drunk. 

The Guardian reports that the man stole the tank from a military driving school in the far northern Murmansk region.

The unidentified man apparently took the armoured transport vehicle for a joyride through his small town of Apatity, near the Russian border with Finland. 

Local News agencies reported that he badly damaged a parked car before crashing into the front of a supermarket. 

He then allegedly exited the vehicle and attempted to steal a bottle of wine before being arrested, according to local news website Hibyiny.com.

Hibiny.com posted a photo of the smashed storefront and stolen tank to Twitter.

No word yet as to what the man will be charged with.