Frozen iguanas falling from trees in US cold snap

It's started raining frozen iguanas in Florida as a cold snap across the United States tightens its grip.

The cold-blooded lizards are falling from trees, unable to handle the plummeting temperatures - much to the shock of many social media users.

In parts of the US and Canada, temperatures are expected to fall below -20degC, the US' National Weather Service says. The weather has now been linked to 19 deaths in the US, through car accidents and hypothermia.

Photos show the green creatures lying on the ground after toppling from their perches.

But it seems other animals aren't handling the cold very well either. Sea turtles near Texas had to be brought inside, in what the National Park Service describes as a "stunning event".

Animal rescue centres are being overrun across the country as people desperately try to bundle homeless cats and dogs into shelters.

Some shelters are offering discounts for people wanting to adopt animals as their centres reach capacity.


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