Homeless Manchester bombing 'hero' faces jail time for robbery

A homeless man who was celebrated as a hero for helping the injured following the Manchester Arena bombing is now facing jail time.

Chris Parker admitted he robbed the victims he was pretending to care for in the moments after the explosion.

Mr Parker was one of the first people at the scene, and he cradled a dying woman in his arms as people fled the arena.

"I'm supposed to be a hero, but I'm not a hero - I'm just a normal guy," he told media after the attack.

"I heard kids screaming, I had no choice."

But it turns out he's not such a hero after all. He admitted in court to stealing from the victims as they lay helpless.

He stole a 14-year-old girl's iPhone, and a purse from an unconscious woman. He used the stolen phone to take pictures of the incident unfolding before media reached the scene, and then tried to sell them to reporters.

Later in the evening he used a stolen bank card to buy food at McDonald's.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, locals banded together and raised NZ$170,000 for Mr Parker.

Mr Parker won't see any of the money, and will likely get jail time instead.