How bystanders can help women shake unwanted male attention

How bystanders can help women shake unwanted male attention
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Women have shared their tips about how to get rid of unwanted male attention while they're out in public.

Their stories were posted, after a UK journalist started a discussion on Twitter.

Amna Saleem shared a story about how a random woman stepped in to help her dodge questioning from a stranger in bar.

The woman approached her, called her the random name of 'Clara', gave her a hug and asked if she was okay.

In response, a male Twitter user asked for advice about how men could step in in a similar situation, without being "creepy" or "invasive".

Ms Saleem suggested they tell the woman that a girlfriend was looking for them and asked if they are ready to go, or they could say "sorry I'm late, are you ok?"

Twitter user OmegaGeek said she wanted to start a movement called "How's Mary", encouraging people to approach women who to look to be in trouble and ask "How's Mary?", and give them money to get into a taxi.

"You can distract the guy with a very genuine question," said Winter Kitty. "Like 'scuse me could you tell me what time it is?' or my brother even did a "scuse me have you ever heard about the love of our lord Jesus Christ', when he was wearing a classy enough outfit.".

Not everyone was so sure about the suggestions.

"That's really nice, but if a random woman hugged me at the same time as a pushy bloke was hitting on me, i think i'd go into 'weird overkill' mode," said Twitter user SoyaBurger.

"In Florence, while studying abroad, I got separated from my friends in a club," said Marissa D. "A guy grabbed me to dance and all I had to do was look at a random girl to save me, and she came over and excitedly screamed like we were long lost besties, and got me out of a bad situation. Women know."

In a happy twist, Jamiel Pridgen said on Twitter that his brother stepped in to aid a woman who was being harassed - and they eventually married.


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