Ivanka Trump aims to be first female US President - book

Ivanka Trump's ambitions reportedly "horrified" Steve Bannon.
Ivanka Trump's ambitions reportedly "horrified" Steve Bannon. Photo credit: Getty.

Ivanka Trump plans to be the first woman US President, one of many explosive allegations contained in an upcoming book. 

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews and first-hand accounts of key members of the Trump administration. 

While not due for public release until next Tuesday, the book is already causing international controversy after significant portions were published in newspapers this week, including the allegation that Ms Trump one day hopes to occupy her father's office.

Despite advice from "almost everyone they know", Ms Trump and Jared Kushner reportedly accepted their roles in the White House on the basis that it could possibly open the door to becoming the most powerful couple on the planet.

The excerpt from Fire and Fury as published by the BBC reads: "Balancing risk against reward, both Jared and Ivanka decided to accept roles in the West Wing over the advice of almost everyone they knew. It was a joint decision by the couple, and, in some sense, a joint job. Between themselves, the two had made an earnest deal: If sometime in the future the opportunity arose, she'd be the one to run for president. The first woman President, Ivanka entertained, would not be Hillary Clinton; it would be Ivanka Trump."

The news of the first daughter's lofty ambitions reportedly "horrified" former strategist Steve Bannon, whom the book also claims called Mr Trump's Russia connections "treasonous and unpatriotic". 

The other portions of the book released so far portray a White House in chaos, with significant portions of the administration displaying open contempt for their commander in chief. 

Mr Trump's team have sent a cease and desist letter to the book's publishers and publicly distanced themselves from Mr Bannon, with Mr Trump releasing a statement saying that Mr Bannon had "lost his mind as well as his job".


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