Japanese trains will bark like dogs and cry like deer

Japanese trains will bark like dogs and cry like deer
Photo credit: Getty.

Trains blaring animal noises may end up saving lives according to a Tokyo-based research company.

The Railway Technical Research Institute in Japan has found that making trains emit the sound of dogs barking can scare deer off the tracks, reducing the chances of hazardous and costly collisions.  

While deer are naturally terrified of dogs, the trains will also be equipped to mimic the warning cry of other deer, combining with the barks to ensure that animals on the tracks are doubly aware that danger is approaching. 

According to the Ashai Shimbum, the system tested a three-second recording of a deer and 20 seconds of a barking dog from a running train car during its evening run, when deer are typically seen on the tracks. 

Deer were sighted only 7.5 times per 100km from aboard the trains, about 45 percent less than normal.

According to transport ministry figures, there were 613 cases across Japan of train services suspended or delayed due to collisions with deer and other wild animals. 

The system is planned to be in place on main train lines in March next year.


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