Man charged after marrying 18-year-old stepdaughter

A man has been charged with bigamy after marrying a woman and then marrying her daughter a year later.

Pennsylvania man Christopher Hauptmann, 44, married Shannon Deitrich, 43, in 2015.

Ms Deitrich left Hauptmann several months into their marriage, unaware of his relationship with her daughter, Kaylee Durovick, 18.

After she left, Ms Deitrich says Hauptmann and Ms Durovick taunted her about their relationship and sent her photographs of them having sex.

Hauptmann allegedly brainwashed Ms Durovick and forced her to dye her hair blonde - the same colour as her mother's.

In September 2016, weeks after Ms Durovick's 18th birthday, Hauptmann and Ms Durovick were married.

Hauptmann did not divorce Ms Deitrich first.

On Thursday, Hauptmann pleaded no contest to a number of charges including bigamy, forgery and illegally owning a firearm. He is reportedly scheduled to stand trial this week.

Hauptmann's 'no contest' plea acknowledges sufficient evidence to find him guilty, but resists any admission of guilt.

The judge sentenced Hauptmann to prison for a maximum of two years, with 10 years probation.

His plea includes a clause barring him from having any contact with Ms Deitrich.

Hauptmann and Ms Durovick are still together and co-own a bail bonds business.