Missing US woman found dead in floor cavity

Missing US woman found dead in floor cavity
Photo credit: Missing Persons of America/ Google

The skeletal remains of a US woman who vanished three years ago have been found inside her home.

Marry Cerruti was reported missing by her neighbours in 2015, after they noticed her mail wasn't being collected and a broken window at her Houston home had not been repaired for weeks.

The 61-year-old was known to be a recluse, and a search of her home recovered six dead cats but no sign of the woman, according to AP.

In late 2015, her home was sold in a foreclosure sale and in mid-2017 new residents moved in.

They made a grim discovery, finding some of the woman's remains hidden in a cavity beneath a broken floorboard.

After noticing the broken floorboard, the residents saw that it opened to a gap between two walls.

The woman's skeleton, eyeglasses and a pair of shoes were inside the cavity.

After a post mortem examination and months of forensic testing, the remains were confirmed this week to be those of Ms Cerruti.

There was not enough evidence to determine Ms Cerruti's exact cause of death, according to the Daily Mail, but a spokesperson for the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences suggested that she could have fallen down into the cavity.


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