Narcissists more likely to follow narcissists on Instagram - study

Narcissists more likely to follow narcissists on Instagram - study
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Narcissistic people are more likely to post selfies and follow other narcissists on Instagram, according to a new study.

Prolific selfie-takers are likely to be perceived as narcissistic and people who took fewer selfies were unlikely to follow those who post frequent selfies on Instagram.

"Posting selfies is a popular activity that exemplifies narcissistic self-promotion on Instagram," study author Seunga Venus Jin of Sejong University told PsyPost.

"Narcissism is a positive indicator of willingness to take selfies and frequency of posting selfies."

Instagram users who take more selfies tend to like and follow Instagram accounts that exhibit similar behaviours.

Ms Jin said the study found selfies had more negative interpretations than photos taken by others and neutral photos.

The study focussed on 'grandiose narcissism', associated with extraversion and a person's exaggerated focus on their attractiveness, rather than 'vulnerable' narcissism, which is associated with insecurity and social withdrawal.

It was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.


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