Oregon man drives with cat on the bonnet because 'she likes it'

Oregon man drives with cat on the bonnet because 'she likes it'
Photo credit: KATU

An Oregon man has had to explain to police why he drives around with his cat on top of his car after photos and videos of the action were sent to authorities.

Jesse Dorsett regularly drives through his neighbourhood at around 8km/h with one of his cats perched on the bonnet, The Oregonian reports.

He often takes the cats out as part of his roadside assistance business, but Pixie, Dixie and Jinx used to stay firmly inside the car.

But eventually curiosity led keen hunters Pixie and Dixie outside of the vehicle. The high vantage point means they can see prey a bit better. When they want they can jump off, and Mr Dorsett or his wife will give them a short walk on a leash.

The leash stays on while the cats are on the bonnet to avoid them heading somewhere they shouldn't - like over the front of the car.

But one Sunday evening adventure got Mr Dorsett in trouble, after a passer-by spotted Pixie on a night-time jaunt atop the bonnet and started taking photos and video.

The video eventually made its way to police, who investigated, believing animal cruelty may be taking place. Cellphone video of a happy and uninjured Pixie was enough to satisfy police that nothing untoward was happening and no charges were laid.

They do however recommend leaving pets inside the vehicle while it's in motion.


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