Power cut pulls plug on massive gadget expo in Las Vegas

The unthinkable has happened at the annual electronic devices expo in Las Vegas - there's been a power cut.

The main hall was plunged into darkness for two hours, as people were evacuated and the robots just covered their eyes.

It wasn't a case of too many gadgets being plugged in, but a rainstorm knocking out the main power-lines.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual event that attracts almost 200,000 international visitors each year.

CES showcases all the latest in high-end consumer tech, with the 'Ujet' - a foldable, road-legal scooter - being one of the most popular exhibits.

Also on show was a luggage suitcase that would automatically follow you through the airport and robotic home assistants in the vein of Amazon's 'Alexa'.  

Samsung also unveiled 'The Wall', a 146-inch ultra-high definition display television.

The event is scheduled to continue on Friday (NZ time), hopefully with the lights on this time. 


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