President Trump posts 'Fake News awards'

President Trump posts 'Fake News awards'
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Donald Trump has announced a list of "Fake News Winners" to his 46 million Twitter followers.

The list is available on the Republican Party website, headed with the caption: "2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media's coverage of President Trump is negative."

It is unclear whether the President wrote the list personally or simply endorses it, but the many full-caps exclamations scattered throughout will be familar to anyone who follows Mr Trump on Twitter. 

The 'awards' comprise an 11-item list of what the President seems to regard as the most false reporting on his White House.  

But the 'awards' are mostly single sentences, denying a particular report is accurate, without providing counter evidence to support their arguments.

The 'awards' range from seemingly trivial, such as refuting that Donald Trump didn't know how much to feed the fish while in Japan on a state visit, to a blanket denial of any collusion between the White House and Russia, which is currently subject to a sprawling investigation. 

Mr Trump's antagonistic relationship with mainstream media is well documented and the President is often openly hostile to individual news outlets.

Last year, he posted this edited GIF of him 'body slamming CNN'. 

The President recently received widespread condemnation for labelling the news media "the enemy of the people", a phrase made infamous by Joseph Stalin, as he justified his atrocities against his own citizens. 

The hashtag #FakeNewsawards has been trending all day, with users at both ends of the political spectrum posting their support or scorn for the President's satirical list. 

Comedians were quick to poke fun at the awards, with the Daily Show's Trevor Noah tweeting "What if the 'Fake News' awards are 'Fake' news awards?"

The full list is available here


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