Quadruplets' hug fest caught on camera in adorable video

The hugging children.
The hugging children. Photo credit: Facebook

Adorable video has emerged online of quadruplets sharing dozens of hugs between each other repeatedly.

Identical quadruplets Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla seemed in an affectionate mood, babbling excitedly as each one wandered to another for hugs.

The 90-second clip was captured by the girls' mother, Bethani Webb, and shared online, where followers were quick to comment on the cute scene.

"Thank you for sharing your girls with us," one commenter said.

"They make me smile and heaven knows we all need more of that."

The video has gone viral, viewed more than 46 million times and receiving nearly 230,000 reactions.

Some commenters saw a dark side to the video, saying one baby clearly refused to hug one of its sisters.

"Did anyone else notice that the baby that starts the hug only hugs 2 out of the 3 babies?" one commenter said.

"I want to know the baby physiology behind this!"


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