Queen Elizabeth II remembers her coronation in rare television interview

In a rare TV interview, the Queen has revealed what she remembers most about her coronation 65 years ago - and it's surprisingly un-glamourous.

As part of the documentary "The Coronation", Queen Elizabeth II has revealed the difficult parts of her coronation and how she felt during the event.

"I mean, I've seen one coronation and been the recipient in the other," she said, describing attending both her and her father's coronations.

"It's a sort of, I suppose, the sort of beginning of one's life really, as a sovereign."

The pomp and ceremony of the event is not lost on anyone who viewed the footage, but the Queen says it was dreadfully uncomfortable in parts.

She singled out the gold carriage as being a lowlight of the experience, saying the lack of springs made the ride rather uncomfortable.

"Horrible," she recalled. "It's only sprung on leather. Not very comfortable!"

The Queen also says, while there are some advantages to crowns, they are also quite heavy and the five-pound (2.27kg) weight of the St Edward's crown was a little too much.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953. This year will see her celebrate 65 years as sovereign in an era where people are seeing a different side to the monarchy.

"I think we often forget the Queen is a human, like the rest of us, because we so rarely hear from her in a personal way," CBS royal correspondent Roya Nikkah said.

"This was just a very young woman taking on a role like nothing else anyone had experienced."