Russian Presidental Election: Vladimir Putin's main opponent arrested

The Russian Presidential Election has taken a dramatic, if predictable, turn - the main opponent to Vladimir Putin has been arrested.

On Sunday, Alexei Navalny - Russia's most prominent opposition politician - was arrested on the way to a protest in the streets of Moscow. 

Police also smashed their way into a TV studio broadcasting news of the arrest, claiming they were investigating a bomb threat, ITV's Geraint Vincent reported. 

Demonstrators chanted "Putin's a thief" as they marched, because of what they say was the government's attempt to rig the vote in the upcoming presidential election.

The Government has banned Navalny from running in the election, because of a fraud conviction that he says was politically motivated. 

After he was detained, he tweeted "someone come and replace me". 

Police payed a visit to his headquarters and the home of his TV station, where news presenters explained the background noise of police using an angle grinder to get through the studio door. 

Putin retains a strong approval rating and is expected to win the election.