Russians hit back after anger at air cadets' viral video

Medical workers, school teachers, athletes and even pensioners across Russia have been staging an unusual protest against the authorities.

It began when a group of Russian air cadets were threatened with disciplinary action for dancing half-naked in an online video.

Set to Benny Benassi house hit 'Satisfaction', the footage shows the men doing various household chores in a provocative manner while dressed in nothing but tight rubber shorts, leather straps and hats.

The video was made by students at the Ulyanovsk Aviation Institute and released online, where it quickly went viral - and was quickly condemned.

Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation rector Sergei Krasnov said they ought to be expelled and tried under the country's anti-homosexual laws, while the National Air Transport Agency called it an "ugly case" and said it would investigate.

In the wake of those intolerant comments, however, a protest was staged comprising of people recreating the viral video, which is now known as the "Satisfaction Challenge".

Fellow students, equestrians, performers, mothers, firefighters and senior citizens have now all joined the protest against conservative Russia's approach to sexuality.


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