School punishes teen who shaved head for charity

A teenage girl who shaved her head for a cancer charity has been punished with isolation for breaking school rules.

Niamh Baldwin cut her long blonde hair to raise money for a charity that makes wigs for chemotherapy patients.

But when the 14-year-old returned to school in Penzance, Cornwall, her teachers told her she no longer met uniform requirements and she was put into isolation.

Niamh's mum Anneka told UK paper Metro her daughter was unfairly punished.

"I think this is the most courageous thing to do. Especially at 14, at that age a lot of girls are very into their looks and style, so to do something like this, we were all very proud.

"I am so upset the school has made her feel so low because her hair needs to be one centimetre longer.

"Niamh has always had outstanding reports and feedback from all of her teachers and everyone always says she is an amazingly polite and lovely girl.

"This doesn't change because of a hair style and to me it is discrimination. I'm actually fuming."

The school insists the rules, published in its behaviour policy, are very clear.

Head teacher Sara Davey said she will be speaking to Anneka to figure out a resolution.

"It would be reasonable in the circumstances to suggest that Niamh wears a head scarf until her hair grows sufficiently, for example."