Sean Spicer admits he 'screwed up royally'

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer says he "screwed up royally" on more than one occasion in his old job.

Mr Spicer was Donald Trump's press secretary from the day he became US President last January until resigning in August.

In his time in the role, Mr Spicer made a number of controversial statements - including that Mr Trump attracted the "largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period" (false - photos showed it was much smaller than previous President Barack Obama's) and saying that Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons (he did, to slaughter millions of Jewish people during World War II).

In an interview with CNN, Mr Spicer has admitted he "screwed up royally", particularly regarding the Hitler comment.

"There was an event where I was trying to talk about how evil [Syrian leader Bashir] Assad was and I screwed that up royally."

He says it often felt like he was letting his family down.

"Look, I'm a very self-critical person. I honestly went out every day to do the best job I could for the President of the United States, who gave me an unbelievable honour, and to basically do the best job I could for the American people, because that's ultimately who you serve," he told the network.

"When I screwed up, yeah, it felt really bad, because you're realising that you're tarnishing your reputation, your family's reputation, your friends who like you and support you, you know, some of your colleagues, and ultimately, again, this administration and the American people, who I wanted to do my best job, my best for every single day."

Mr Spicer said he regretted berating journalists when they suggested Mr Obama's inauguration crowd was larger than Mr Trump's.

Having quit in August, Mr Spicer won't have to defend Mr Trump's recent claims his nuclear button is bigger than that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Mr Spicer was replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


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