Search for the perfect honeymoon photo ends in disaster as wave breaks newlywed's leg

A newlywed couple's attempt to get the perfect honeymoon photo has ended in disaster after a massive wave dramatically dragged them across rocks.

Ryan and Marelize Dreyer took the photos on January 4 at a beach in South Africa, climbing across rocks to stand in front of large waves, The Sun reports.

They soon realised it was too dangerous to be there and started making their way across the treacherous path on the rocks to make it to a safer spot.

However when they thought they had reached safety a huge wave broke behind them and threw them across the rocks.

Ms Dreyer sustained the brunt of the injuries as her foot became lodged between two rocks, dislocating her ankle and breaking her leg in two places.

"We saw the next wave coming and tried to get ready for the picture, but the wave just smashed down on top of us," Mr Dreyer told The Sun.

"Instantly it felt like we were underwater, the wave was really disorientating, we were just sat there and the next second we were underwater."

After they realised Ms Dreyer was injured Mr Dreyer fashioned her splint out of a pair of jandals and her friend carried her to the shore.

She eventually had surgery at Worcester Hospital in South Africa's Western Cape to have a plate and some screws implanted in her leg.

The couple says the incident hasn't dulled their travel plans though and they plan to continue despite Ms Dreyer's injuries.