Weather bomb brings rare snowfall to Sahara Desert

We're used to seeing snow in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year - but not like this.

A winter storm brought snow to the Sahara Desert for just the third time in nearly 40 years.

Some parts got a light dusting, others more than 40 centimetres.

This unlikely snowstorm continues the trend of extreme weather events witnessed globally in 2017, where we saw everything from record-breaking hurricanes in the continental US to flash flooding in central Otago.  

Last January saw a metre of snow coat the world's hottest desert, with a sprinkling of flakes falling in December 2016.

Prior to that, snow had not been in this region since February 18, 1979, when they had a flurry that lasted just 30 minutes.

Meteorologists say the unlikely event is the result of high pressure over Europe pushing low-pressure systems unusually far south. 


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