Teen 'sexually harassed and racially vilified' during McDonald's job interview

Ljubljana, Slovenia - September 3, 2011: Close-up of McDonalds outdoor sign with  typical rounded yellow M letter against cloudless blue sky. Sign is positioned on the left side of image.
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A Queensland McDonald's employee has been stood down after asking a 16-year-old girl inappropriate questions during a job interview.

"Do you think you're beautiful?" he allegedly asked the girl, according to a Facebook post made by her mother, Rita Pryce, on Sunday.

"Poor thing was so scared, and confused by 'Do you think you're beautiful?' so she answered 'Uhhh...I guess...yeah...'.

"The staff member then said 'Well that's what YOU make of it'."

Ms Pryce says after finding out her daughter was from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, the man asked her: "What's two plus two?"

"Four," she replied.

The manager then reportedly said: "Yep, it's four in our country too."

"Sixteen and still no job?" he then said.

The girl was reduced to tears after she described herself as bubbly and the staff member told her that bubbly means she must "make a lot of mistakes".

"Bubbly? Should I just stop you there and end this interview?" Ms Pryce says he asked.

Following the interview a furious Ms Pryce visited the store repeatedly, in search of a response.

"When he did finally come to speak to me, I told him I would make a complaint. I also asked how many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were employed at that store...considering it was in a highly populated area of our mob.

"This of course, was something he could not and did not answer.

"I also told him and 2 staff members over the phone, how my daughter feels sick in the stomach every time we drive past a big yellow M now.

"Those inappropriate questions left my daughter feeling sexually harassed and racially vilified."

Since posting to Facebook, McDonalds has responded saying policies have changed so no solo interviews can be held from now on, News.co.au reports.

The staff member in question has been stood down pending investigation.