Teenage girls forced into nail salon slavery

Treating yourself to a manicure can come at a terrible price for those on the other side of the manicure pad.

Two women and a man in the UK have been sentenced to jail for modern slavery offences.

They were found guilty of trafficking and exploiting two teenage Vietnamese girls who were forced to work for little or no pay in Bath and Staffordshire.

Sentences ranged from a two-year suspended sentence, to five years in prison.

The human trafficking operation was discovered by Staffordshire and Avon & Somerset police.

Arrests were made at Nail Bar Deluxe in Abbey Arcade, Burton, and the two teenage girls were found at the premises.

The pair were moved around the UK and exploited through the control which was held over them, due to their lack of immigration status, age and social status.

The girls were being made to work 60 hours a week for little or no money.