'Tide Pod Challenge' inspires donuts, pizza and hard candy

The Tide Pod inspired candy made by Lofty Pursuits.
The Tide Pod inspired candy made by Lofty Pursuits. Photo credit: Twitter/ Lofty Pursuits

Following the dangerous trend of teens filming themselves eating laundry detergent as part of the "Tide Pod Challenge", businesses have capitalised on the apparently delicious looks of a Tide Pod.

A doughnut shop in Kansas, a pizza place in Brooklyn and an old-fashioned candy shop in Florida have all brought out their own edible interpretation of the pods.

Teens eating Tide Pods in internet's latest dangerous new craze

YouTube removing videos of users eating Tide Pod laundry detergent

Teens have been filming themselves eating the pods as a joke, but health authorities and the makers of the pods see it as anything but funny.

But for Hurts Donuts it was a chance to make light of something and catch a break from the seriousness of the everyday news cycle and have a bit of fun.

"We see so much heavy stuff every day that we're just putting a little lighter approach on a serious subject," Hurts Donut owner Trista Patterson told KSNW.

In Brooklyn, Vinnie's Pizzeria is selling "Pied Pods" pizza rolls as a safer alternative to the dangerous trend.

The pizzeria told ABC the pied pods were a non-poisonous option offering the "bright, alluring colours that youths crave".

In a now-deleted video, YouTube channel Lofty Pursuits detailed how it made Tide Pod candy with the trademark orange and purple swirl in the middle, joking it was "forbidden fruit".

While everyone can eat tasty Tide Pod-shaped treats, many other businesses are working hard to stem the trend of teens eating the pods.

Tide has released several statements advising people to only use the pods for laundry purposes, while some stores have resorted to locking the detergent pacs up.


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