UK considers 'latte levy' to cut down on takeaway coffee cups

  • 06/01/2018

Britain is considering implementing a "latte tax" to curb the consumption of disposable coffee cups.

The fee would amount to 50 cents on top of every coffee sold, and it's intended to encourage people to use reusable coffee cups.

In the UK, 500 takeaway coffee cups are thrown away every minute, according to The Guardian.

Most takeaway cups aren't recyclable; they're laminated with plastic or polyethylene that is difficult to strip away and most recycling facilities aren't equipped to recycle them.

Many cafes are trying to incentivise reusable cups by offering discounts to customers who use them.

Around 2.5 billion takeaway cups are used each year in the UK, the bulk of which end up in the rubbish.

MPs hope the tax will cut down on disposable cups, but if it fails to make a significant dent in the next five years they'll consider enforcing a blanket ban on their use.

Last year France voted to implement a law that requires by 2020 all disposable food packaging to be made from 50 percent biologically sourced materials that can be composted at home.