UK girl desperately pleads cell phone provider for more data after burning through plan

  • 25/01/2018
The text Macie sent to O2.
The text Macie sent to O2. Photo credit: Supplied/ Claire Bullen-Jones

An eight-year-old girl from the UK received a novel lesson from her cell phone provider after she responded to the dreaded "your phone plan has run out of data" text.

Young Macie Bullen-Jones received her first ever phone for Christmas, and like any child would, used up her entire data allowance in less than a month, the Manchester Evening News reports.

However, rather than resigning herself to a data-less fate - or paying for more data - Macie opted to politely ask her cell provider for more.

Unfortunately for Macie, her reply of "please can I have more data" did not make it through to provider O2 as the texts did not accept replies.

Her mother Claire Bullen-Jones discovered Macie's failed plea on the phone and decided she may be able to spin this to benefit her.

After having a giggle about the situation with friends she contacted O2, asking them to give Macie more data if she helped around the house.

O2 went above and beyond with their response, sending a huge gift package for Macie and a letter informing her sadly she could not have more data as she had not helped around the house enough.

"We're not able to up your data allowance at the moment. Our systems say you haven't helped mum enough with jobs around the house," the letter said.

"Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until we see better reports."

O2 also provided goodies to keep Macie busy, including a fidget spinner, lollies and a power bank for her phone.

The package was a win-win for both Macie and her mother, who told the Manchester Evening News she's now helping out more around the house after receiving the letter.