Vegan roasts tofu eater in furious online rant over 'appropriation'

  • 12/01/2018
17yo Anna Del Rey from Michigan.
17yo Anna Del Rey from Michigan. Photo credit: Facebook.

An American girl's exchange with an angry vegan accusing her of "stealing" tofu from the vegan community has gone viral.

The exchanged started innocuously, after a Facebook user privately messaged 17-year-old Michigan local Anna Del Rey, to praise her for a tofu based meat substitute recipe she shared on a vegan Facebook page.

However once the unnamed person discovered Ms Del Rey wasn't also a vegan, they quickly turned hostile.

The angry vegan messaged saying:

"Oh so you're just pretending to be vegan because it's cool and in? I've been a vegan for three years and it was the best decision I've made in my life. Being vegan isn't hip or cool, it's important."

Ms Del Rey responded calmly, saying that she was "never pretending to be vegan", just that she didn't like the taste or texture of most meats.

The unnamed vegan was not satisfied and told Ms Del Rey that, "Tofu is strictly for vegans or vegetarians. You are basically admitting to appropriating from us and stealing from us for your own selfish use." 

Vegan roasts tofu eater in furious online rant over 'appropriation'
Photo credit: Facebook.

The vegan also said she was going to try get Ms Del Rey removed from the page.

Ms Del Rey then responded angrily by saying: "With all due respect, I'm not appropriating anything, I'm eating food like you, you absolute f***".

Ms Del Rey shared the exchange to her personal Facebook profile and it quickly went viral, garnering thousands of responses, mostly outraged on her behalf. 

The post has now been shared over 7000 times.


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