Vegan Twitter user takes Welsh cops to task over 'offensive' photos of cooked breakfast

The "offensive" breakfast.
The "offensive" breakfast. Photo credit: Twitter/RuralCrimeTeam

A Welsh police unit has faced abuse from a member of the vegan community for posting a photo of their cooked breakfast.

On January 1, the North Wales Rural Police Crime Team chose to share a now-deleted response to an earlier tweet, showing the team's cooked breakfast, including sausages, bacon and poached eggs.

"I'd prefer them to be a little less selective when answering questions and perhaps not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/vegan followers - pretty thoughtless considering the job title they have," the tweet said.

The team cited the tweet as part of the reason they would no longer be commenting on Twitter or answering questions from the public.

Responses to the tweet were largely in support of the police, with many users saying the account should continue sharing photos of the cooked breakfast.

"I say well done for connecting with Twitter and giving me an insight into the work you do," one commenter said.

"I think you should tweet photos of your breakfast unless it's a protected species," another replied.

Team manager Rob Taylor has now clarified the reasons behind the team's withdrawal from social media, saying it was down to a lack of resources and not "vegan backlash".

"We regularly get 1m impressions each month and in August alone, we had 1.9m impressions," he told the Daily Post.

 "We just can't answer [all inquiries] any more, as it's a huge commitment."