Who's in the wrong? Truckie's cyclist abuse video sparks debate

An Aussie truck driver has sparked a debate about safety after filming himself yelling abuse at a group of cyclists on the road.

But a cycle safety representative says the cyclists are doing nothing wrong.

Charlie Butt can be heard hurling abuse at cyclists in Granya, Victoria, as he overtakes them on the road.

The truckie overtakes the six cyclists, who are cycling in pairs at the side of the road.

"Good safety...This is why you f-wits get f---ing killed," Mr Butt yells out the window.

He pulls to the opposite side of the road to overtake them.

About 30 seconds later he passes four more cyclists, overtakes them, and calls them "f---ing idiots".

Mr Butt posted the video to Facebook, where viewers accused him of being unsafe himself by filming the video on what appears to be a cell phone.

The truckie denied filming on a mobile, claiming he had a GoPro attached to his hat.

"It was a dangerous situation that occurred, and the bike riders are putting their own lives at risk and they don't know it," he told Border Mail.

"I apologise for the bad language on there, but I was very frustrated."

Australian Cycle Alliance president Edward Hore told Border Mail the cyclists were doing nothing wrong, and it was perfectly legal to cycle two abreast on the road.

"It's better for visibility, it makes it safer for all road users," he said.

"Changing lanes is the safest way to pass cyclists, especially on country roads."